Tickets - ON SALE FROM 20th April to June 9th

There are 2 types of tickets for the 2017 event. The first costs 2000 yen on the day (1600 yen in advance or 1900 with a festival glass). This entitles you to 5 220ml beers of your choice. There is also a one day ‘all you can drink’ (nomihoudai) ticket, which comes with an original glass and a wristband; you must have both of these to be served (there are a limited number of glasses so come early to avoid disappointment). One day tickets can be used for either Saturday or Sunday and cost 5000 yen (4500 yen in advance). Broken or lost glasses will need to be purchased again. If you break or lose your wristband you will need to buy a new ticket. Tickets are cheaper if bought in advance and will be available via the JTB 'entame' ticketing system at Lawson, Family Mart, Seven Eleven, Circle K Sunkus and Mini Stop all across the country. Tickets will be available at selected locations around Tottori and Shimane prefectures. Tickets are on sale now until one day before the festival.

1900 Ticket
5000 Ticket

Advanced 5 Beer Ticket with a souvenir glass: 1,900 yen

JTB Entame Ticket Number: 0245863

Advanced 5 Beer Ticket without a souvenir glass: 1,600 yen

JTB Entame Ticket Number: 0245864

Advanced ‘All you can drink’ ticket with a souvenir glass: 4,500 yen (10 hours drinking time!)

JTB Entame Ticket Number: 0245865

You can buy advance tickets from the following locations:

The one day 'all you can drink' ticket entitles you to drink at your leisure for the duration of the festival - that's 10 hours on Saturday and 6 hours on Sunday! You will be provided with an original souvenir glass. All beer drinkers will be issued with a colour-coded wristband. Without this wristband you cannot be served beer. Non-beer drinkers are free to enter to try the delicious food, have a soft drink, or listen to the music. We will take great care to ensure there is enough beer for everyone to drink but please understand that some of the more popular beers might run out. Come early to avoid any disappointment.