Please check out this great English site for various ways to reach Yonago City JR train station. Please let us help you from there.

Free Bus:

'That mountain is huge - am I supposed to walk up!?', we hear you exclaim, 'how are we going to get up there and enjoy all of that delicious craft beer?' and for those of you not taking advantage of the 'FREE CAMPING', 'how the devil am I going to get down this mountain after all this beer?' Well, have no fear festival goers, we are one step (or 6 chartered loop buses) ahead of you. Completely free to use and running all throughout the day, the charter buses will start from in front of Yonago JR station at the Dan Dan Hiroba stop go directly to the the festival site at Masumizu Highlands, before making a loop in the opposite direction. The bus schedule will be added nearer to the festival date so watch this space. As a rough guide buses will start running at 10am on Saturday (9am on Sunday) and then approximately every 15/20 minutes. The last bus back to Yonago station from Masumizu Highlands will be at approximately 9:15pm on Saturday (4:14pm on Sunday).


If are driving to Mount Daisen or to the campsite, or you are a designated driver than please follow the simple map below or the more detailed google map. If you are driving from out of town then either exit at Yonago highway interchange or Mizoguchi interchange. If you have a navigation system you can use this address: 〒689-4215 鳥取県西伯郡伯耆町大内桝水高原1069-50. There is plenty of parking at the festival site. Under no circumstances drink and drive.

road map


Take the train to Yonago JR station and take advantage of our free shuttle bus from the road in front of the station. To get to Yonago station take the shinkansen to Okayama and change to the Yakumo express.